Prevents Loss of Land

Every year, land goes out of trust simply because fractionated interests are passed on to non-Indian heirs. The Buy-Back Program will help stop this loss of Indian lands by transferring those interests to the tribe, forever preventing further fractionation.

Land consolidation increases the ability of tribal governments to make decisions about the land, and frees up resources that have been locked-up as land interests have fractionated exponentially over time.

Tribal and Federal stakeholders break ground on the Navajo-Gallup Water Supply Project.

Strengthens Tribal Sovereignty

Promotes Better Land Use

Returning these lands to tribes through purchases from willing sellers has potential to spur economic development and restore tribal homelands.

Example of a land consolidation project.

Bad River built new homes and businesses that are projected to increase revenue by $1.1 million.

Income received from the land is divided to the extent that many individual owners receive pennies, and the money often goes off the reservation instead of to the Indian communities that need it most.



60% of the 243,000 unique owners of fractionated tracts received $25 or less last fiscal year.

Keeps Income on the Reservation

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