The Acquisition Process

  • Tribes have the opportunity to prioritize the fractional lands they are interested in consolidating for community interest.
  • The Buy-Back Program will purchase fractional trust or restricted lands for the purposes of land consolidation.
  • Willing sellers can choose to sell some, all, or none of their fractional land interests. Participation in the Program is strictly voluntary.
  • Purchased interests will be immediately transferred in trust to the Tribe with jurisdiction over the land.

Eligible landowners will be mailed a Purchase Offer Package.


  • Cover Letter
  • Instructions
  • Deed
  • Purchasable Interest Inventory (PII)
  • Map(s)
  • Self-Addressed Return Envelope.

Note: Not all owners will receive a purchase offer package. Tracts selected for purchase by the Program will be determined by several criteria, including Tribal priorities.

How will I be contacted to participate in the Program?

How do I complete the Purchase Offer Package?

  • Verify your personal information is correct.
  • Select the tract(s) you are interested in selling, sign the deed exactly as your name appears on the document in presence of a notary public (also available at outreach events).
  • Note: Landowners have a set amount of time to decide whether to sell some or all of their fractional interests.
  • Packages must be completed and postmarked/returned before the end of the 45 calendar days to be processed.

Purchase Offer Process

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